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  • RYMA550 Fully Automatic Laminating Machine

    Contact NowRYMA550 Fully Automatic Laminating MachineFEEDER PLC TOUCH SCREEN Configuration: 1. Adopting automatic feeder, so that the feeding, laminating, separating can totally inline for laminating job. 2.the overlap use servo –motor control , when operating the machine just need to set the paper length on touch screen, the machine can run...Read More

  • MJFM-1 Automatic Water Base Filming Laminating And Slitting Machine

    Contact NowMJFM-1 Automatic Water Base Filming Laminating And Slitting MachineUsage: MJFM-1 series full-automatic water-soluble filming machine is the most up to date developed ideal paper surface processing equipment, which is based on the present requirements of print industry and our long-term experiences in the production of filming equipments. The machine contains...Read More

  • MJKM Automatic Flexo Folder Gluer

    Contact NowMJKM Automatic Flexo Folder GluerIT IS MJKM IV HIGH SPEED FULL AUTOMATIC PRINTING SLOTTING (WITH DIE CUTTING) MACHINE WITH CARTON GLUING PRODCUTING LINE MJKM IV Machine Performance ?Dual system control: The touch screen or electric control; ?Menu change management, frequent used menu quick change, easy handling; ?German servo...Read More

  • MJBZQ-1 Full Automatic Laminating Machine

    Contact NowMJBZQ-1 Full Automatic Laminating MachineGeneral Design chart Machine loading photos I. General Introduction The machine features an internationally popular and up-to-date structure. Through front- and side-lay positioning, it is more suitable for domestic printing and packaging sectors than similar products. With harmonized...Read More

  • MJBD-4 Semi-automatic Thin Blade

    Contact NowMJBD-4 Semi-automatic Thin Blade1. Features Automatic positioning of slitter sets Automatic slitter change time<2s, blade-positioning precision ±0.5mm. Slitter sets are individually servo controlled. For shifting of slitters we use precision linear guide, pinion and rack. Thus quick act and high precision are realized....Read More

  • MJBD-5 Automatic Feeding Thin Blade (Slitter Scorer)

    Contact NowMJBD-5 Automatic Feeding Thin Blade (Slitter Scorer)Main Features Automatic feeding part: 1. Machine adopts screw rod to adjust paperboard Size, only one worker can easy and fast to finish adjust. 2. Paperboard Size adjustment structure which is better adapt to different length paperboard, and paper feeding is stable and accurate. 3. Feeding Belt...Read More

  • MJMQ-1 Automatic Rotatory Die-cutting Machine (Sun Feeder)

    Contact NowMJMQ-1 Automatic Rotatory Die-cutting Machine (Sun Feeder)Introduction MJMQ-1 Series Rotatory Die-cutting Machine is designed as sun feeding. It is used for die-cutting corrugated paperboard and different kind atypic packages. The advantage of the machine is high efficiency, power save, good safety and so on. This machine use PU roller cover which is...Read More

  • MJBZB-3 Semi-automatic Flute Laminating Machine

    Contact NowMJBZB-3 Semi-automatic Flute Laminating MachineMJBZB-3 series board laminating machine is used to paste the color-printing surface paper together with the bottom paper (cardboard or corrugated sheet) accurately. .. Features: MJBZB series board laminating machine is used to paste the color-printing surface paper together with the bottom paper...Read More

  • RYKM1600 Automatic Printer Slotter

    Contact NowRYKM1600 Automatic Printer SlotterRYKM AUTOMATIC PRINTER SLOTTER RYKM1600-G-DPRINTER SLOTTER DIE CUTTER ROYAL PACKING Profile ROYAL PACKING is a member organization of packing technology association of China. ROYAL PACKING has passed through ISO 9001:2000 management of quality system attestation. ROYAL PACKING covers the area of...Read More

  • MJBZB-1 Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating Machine

    Contact NowMJBZB-1 Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating MachineThis machine adopts automatic feeding for bottom paper, more personalized design, more convenient feeding. It can be used for lamination between cardboard to cardboard, cardboard to corrugated board. This machine has the advantages of simple operation, convenient maintenance, high speed, low...Read More